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2020 Alabama Kayak Fishing Events List

Welcome to the year 2020 and there is a lot in store for anglers looking to fish out of kayaks (and other man-powered craft) in Alabama this year!  We’re glad your here.

Interested in trying out kayak fishing?  The best way is to contact one of the clubs listed below and go meet them.  They may smell.  They may tell lies.  But you’ll have a lot of fun and get great advice on what kayak to buy, what PFD to wear, what paddle to buy, and so on.  Good luck on them telling you a good place to go fishing!  😉

As in years past, Alabama is hosting events from the biggest tournament organizations in kayak fishing to include BASSMASTER, Hobie Bass Open, and Kayak Bass Fishing in addition to several dozen Alabama club events hosted all over the state. There are plenty of events of different skill levels from first-timers to “pros” who travel all over the country to compete.

To get involved, look at the list of events below and then contact the Host Club or Host Organization to learn more about the tournaments. This website only serves to host information; we do not conduct tournaments or collect fees or memberships.  Check with the tournament hosts before committing to fish an event.  We will not update these listings if events are canceled.

FYI: Most club event entry fees are $20 – $50. Most National Organization events are $50 – $400.

NOTE 1:  Please check with BASSMASTER about their membership fees if you wish to fish BASSMASTER events.  Contact a club for more info.  Some clubs may charge their own fees.  KBF also requires membership fees.  All KBF monthly challenges are not going to be recorded.

NOTE 2: Our big year end finale is the annual Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic.  It’s where clubs for all over the state get together and hang out.  It is an OPEN event where first timers are more than welcome to attend.  However, to fish in the CHAMPIONSHIP bracket and to earn the title of “STATE CHAMP” you need to qualify via one of the Alabama clubs. Contact them to get involved.

If you know of an event we are not tracking here, contact Alabama Kayak Anglers on Facebook or email us from this website.

CBY – Chattanooga Bass Yakkers
CCKFT – Coosa Canoe and Kayak Fishing Tournament
CKA – Chattahoochee Kayak Anglers – SE AL/SW GA
CRKA – Coosa River Kayak Anglers – Gadsden area
CKAT – Cullman Kayak Anglers
HBO – Hobie Bass Open
HOW SA – Heroes on the Water South Alabama Chapter
HOW NA – Heroes on the Water North Alabama Chapter
ICKA – Iron City Kayak Anglers – Birmingham
KBF – Kayak Bass Fishing Trail
MBKFA – Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association
PSKA – Peach State Kayak Anglers – Georgia
RRKT – Reel Krazy Kayak Tournament Trail – West Georgia
RRKA – River Region Kayak Anglers – Montgomery area
NAKA – North Alabama Kayak Anglers – Huntsville/Decatur
TVKA – Tennessee Valley Kayak Anglers – Chattanooga area
WAKA – West Alabama Kayak Anglers – Florence area

2020 kayak fishing events in Alabama:

  1. 1 Feb – KBF AL Monthly Challenge, Statewide
  2. 8 Feb – CKA, Lake Eufaula
  3. 15 Feb – CKAT, Ingrams
  4. 22 Feb – 2020 NAKA Tackle Swap, Decatur, AL

  5. 29 Feb – ICKA, Logan Martin
  6. 29 Feb – RRKA, Lake Martin (Elkahatchee Creek)
  7. 1 Mar – NAKA Big Bass March
  8. 5 Mar – BASSMASTER Kickoff, Logan Martin, Pell City
  9. 14 Mar – Kayaking for a Cure, Cullman + Surrounding Counties
  10. 14 Mar – TVKA, Lake Guntersville
  11. 21 Mar – NAKA Open, Lake Guntersville

  12. 21-22 Mar – KBF Pro Tour, Pickwick/Wilson/Wheeler Lakes
  13. 28 Mar – CRKA, Logan Martin
  14. 28 Mar – TVKA, RRKT, Lake Guntersville
  15. 28 Mar – RRKA, Lake Jordan (State Ramp)
  16. 1 Apr – NAKA Big Bass April
  17. 2-4 Apr – KBF National Championship, Lake Guntersville
  18. 11 Apr – ICKA, Bibb Lake
  19. 11 Apr – CKAT, Flint Creek
  20. 16 Apr – CRKA, Gadsden Mall, 5PM
  21. 20 Apr – NAKA North Florida Boondoggle, Cape San Blas, FL
  22. 25 Apr – ICKA, Inland Lake
  23. 25 Apr – RRKA, Tallpoosa River (Lower Pond)
  24. 2 May – RKKT, Lake Weiss
  25. 7 May – CRKA, Godfrey’s Marina, 5PM
  26. 9 May – CKAT, Sinking Creek Reservoir
  27. 13 May – RKKT, Coosa River, Gadsden
  28. 16 May – ICKA, Oak Mountain State Park
  29. 16 May – NAKA/CRKA, Weiss Lake
  30. 16 May – MBKFA, Annual Bagwell Event
  31. 16 May – RRKA, Coosa River
  32. 28 May – CRKA, St. Clair County Ramp, 5PM
  33. 13 Jun – ICKA, Smith Lake
  34. 18 Jun – CRKA, Jack L Ray Park, 5:30PM
  35. 18 Jun – RRKA, Swift Creek
  36. 20 Jun – CKAT, Duck River Reservoir
  37. 26 – 28 Jun – MBKFA, Slammageddon
  38. 30 Jun – RRKA, Cooter’s Pond
  39. 27 Jun – NAKA, The Shoals
  40. 1 Jul – NAKA Big Bass July
  41. 9 Jul – CRKA, Tillison Bend, 5:30PM
  42. 18 Jul – ICKA, Walker Lake
  43. 25 Jul – CKAT, Mulberry/Sipsey River Forks
  44. 25 Jul – RKKT, Terrapin Creek
  45. 30 Jul – CRKA, Big Head’s, 5:30PM
  46. 15 Aug – ICKA, Mitchell Lake
  47. 15 Aug – NAKA, River Stop
  48. 22 Aug – CKAT, Smith Lake
  49. 20 Aug – CRKA, Rainbow Landing, 5:30
  50. 27 Aug – RRKA, Swift Creek
  51. 2 Sep – TVKA, PSKA, RKKT, Lake Guntersville
  52. 5 Sep – ICKA, Lay Lake
  53. 5 Sep – CRKA, Neely Henry Open, Safelight
  54. 5 Sep – RRKA, Tallapoosa River, Middle Pond
  55. 12 Sep – CKAT, Inland Lake
  56. 12 Sep – NAKA Classic, TBD
  57. 12 Sep – KBF Regional Final, Lake Wheeler
  58. 26 Sep – Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic, TBD

  59. 3-4 Oct – Hobie Bass Open, Coosa River Chain
  60. 3 Oct – MBKFA, Annual Five Rivers
  61. 10 Oct – RRKA, Lake Mitchell (State Ramp)
  62. 17 Oct – CKAT Classic
  63. 24 – 25 Oct – KBF Southeast, Pickwick/Wheeler/Wilson

2019 Alabama Kayak Fishing Tournaments List

Welcome to 2019!  Below is a listing of kayak fishing tournaments held in Alabama this year.  These tournaments are hosted by various independant clubs and organizations from both in and outside the state.  Like in years past, the highlight and grand finale of the year will be the Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic to be held late in the year and hosted by the kayak fishing club of Alabama.

We are thrilled to see two major national tournaments enter our state this year:  The Hobie Bass Open and Native’s Tournament of Titans with 2-time Bassmaster Classic winner Jordan Lee..

Feel free to contact us to add your events and details to our listings.

If you are interested in participating in the 2019 Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic as a sponsor, host club, or other, please contact us.

Always check the host organization’s websites for last minute event details and weather updates!

Awaiting input from:  West Alabama Kayak Anglers

Be sure to follow us at and!

  1. Feb 1-3 – MBKFA Winter Speck-tacular
  2. Feb 9 – MBKFA February Fishout Sheepshead, Alabama waters
  3. Feb 16 – NAKA Tackle Swap – Decatur
  4. Feb 16 – Cullman Kayak Anglers – Ingrams
  5. Feb 16 – Chattahoochee Kayak Anglers – West Point, GA
  6. Feb 23 – RRKA – Lake Martin, Elkahatchee Creek Ramp
  7. March – NAKA Big Bass March
  8. Mar 9 – MBKFA March Fishout Heaviest In-Shore Slam, Delta Port Maria, Coden, AL
  9. Mar 9 – RRKA, Lake Jordan, State Ramp
  10. Mar 16 – Cullman Kayak Anglers – Duck River
  11. Mar 16 – Chattahoochee Kayak Anglers – Eufala
  12. Mar 23 – ICKA, Warrior River
  13. Mar 23 – TVKA, Lake Guntersville, Goose Pond Check-in
    (This event was originally scheduled for March 9th)
  14. Mar 30 – NAKA – The Open, Cullman
  15. Apr – NAKA Big Bream
  16. Apr 6 – ICKA, Iron Mountain Throwdown / Tackle Swap
  17. Apr 13 – Cullman Kayak Anglers – Guntersville
  18. Apr 13 – MBKFA April Fishout 3 Trout String, Alabama waters
  19. Apr 13 – Reel Krazy, Lake Weiss
  20. Apr 13 – RRKA, Tallapoosa River, Lake Tallapoosa Ramp
  21. Apr 18 – CRKA, Gadsden Mall, 5pm
  22. Apr 20 – Chattahoochee Kayak Anglers – Chattahoochee Bend
  23. Apr 20 – CRKA, Weiss Open, Weiss Lake
  24. Apr 20 – ICKA, Lay Lake
  25. Apr 27 – TVKA/Kayak Bass Fishing Trail – Lake Guntersville
  26. Apr 27 – NAKA Youth Trail – Madison Co Lake, Huntsville
  27. May – NAKA Big Bass May 
  28. May 4 – Major League Fishing, Teach a Child to Fish, Cullman
  29. May 4 – NAKA Trail – Lake Guntersville
  30. May 4 – RRKA, Coosa River
  31. May 9 – CRKA, Godfrey’s 5pm
  32. May 11 – MBKFA May Fishout, Heaviest Trout, Little Lagoon, Gulf Shores
  33. May 18 – Cullman Kayak Anglers – Smith Lake
  34. May 18 – Chattahoochee Kayak Anglers – West Point, GA
  35. May 18 – ICKA Throwdown, TBD location
  36. May 18 – NAKA, Kayak Bowfishing, Mud Creek Outdoors
  37. May 25 – NAKA – Kayak Demo Day, Riverwalk Marina, Decatur
  38. May 26 – MBKFA 13th Annual Bagwell Tournament, TBD
  39. May 30 – CRKA, Big Head’s 5 PM
  40. June 1 – TVKA/Reel Krazy, Lake Guntersville
  41. June 6 – RRKA, Swift Creek
  42. June 8 – MBKFA June Fishout, Heaviest 3 Slot Redfish, Alabama waters
  43. June 8 – ICKA/CRKA, Logan Martin Open, TBD
  44. June 15 – NAKA Youth Trail – Cypress Creek – Florence
  45. June 15 – Chattahoochee Kayak Anglers – Coosa River, Wetumpka
  46. June 20 – CRKA, Rainbow Landing, 5:30 PM
  47. June 21-23 – MBKFA – 4th Annual Slammageddon, TBD, Alabama waters
  48. June 22 – Cullman Kayak Anglers – Catoma Lake
  49. June 29 – NAKA Trail – The Shoals (*corrected date*)
  50. July – NAKA Big Bass July
  51. July 11 – CRKA, Tillison Bend, 5:30 PM
  52. July 11 – RRKA, Cooter’s Pond
  53. July 13 – MBKFA July Fishout, Heaviest In-Shore Slam, Alabama waters
  54. July 13, 14 – Reel Krazy, Neely Henry
  55. July 13 – ICKA, Inland Lake
  56. July 20 – Chattahoochee Kayak Anglers – West Point, GA
  57. July 27 – Cullman Kayak Anglers – Duck River
  58. Aug 1 – CRKA, I-759/Jack L. Ray Park, 5:30 PM
  59. Aug 10 – NAKA Yout Trail – Finale on the Flint, Huntsville
  60. Aug 10 – MBKFA August Fishout, Heaviest 2 trout, 1 redfish stringer, Dauphin Island, Alabama
  61. Aug 17 – Cullman Kayak Anglers – Lake Wheeler
  62. Aug 17 – RRKA, Lake Jordan, Mitchell Dam
  63. Aug 17 – SPRO Frog Kayak Tournament, Guntersville State Park
  64. Aug 22 – CRKA, St. Clair Co. Ramp, 5:30 PM
  65. Aug 24 – NAKA Trail – Lake Wheeler
  66. Aug 24 – ICKA, Throwdown, location TBD
  67. Sep – ICKA Month Long Big Bass
  68. Sep X – ICKA Davis Baits Tournament, Date TBD
  69. Sep 7 – Kayak Bass Fishing Trail – Lake Wheeler
  70. Sep 12, CRKA, Rainbow Landing, 5 PM
  71. Sep 12, RRKA, Swift Creek
  72. Sep 14 -MBKFA September Fishout, Heaviest 2 trout, 1 redfish stringer, Alabama water
  73. Sep 21 – NAKA Trail – The Classic
  74. Sep 21, 22 – Hobie Bass Open – Lake Guntersville, Goose Pond, Scottsboro
  75. Sep 21 – Chattahoochee Kayak Anglers – West Point, GA
  76. Sep 29 – Cullman Kayak Anglers – Lake Guntersville
  77. Oct – NAKA Big Bass October
  78. Oct 3 – CRKA, I-759/Jack L. Ray Park, 5 PM
  79. Oct 5 – Native Watercraft’s Tournament of Titans with 2-Time Bassmaster Classic Champ Jordan Lee, Lake Guntersville
  80. Oct 5 – CRKA, Neely Henry Open
  81. Oct 5 – RRKA, Lake Mitchell, Higgins Ferry
  82. Oct 12 – MBKFA – Heaviest 3 redfish stringer, Alabama waters
  83. Oct 26 – Cullman Kayak Anglers – Ingrams
  84. Oct 26 – MBKFA 13th Annual 5 Rivers Tournament, Alabama waters
  85. Oct TBD – Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic – TBD, ICKA/NAKA/CRKA/Cullman/TBD

  86. Nov 16 – MBKFA November Fishout – Heaviest 4 of flounder, red, trout, Riviera Du Chien, AL
  87. Dec – NAKA Big Winter

CBY – Chattanooga Bass Yakkers
CCKFT – Coosa Canoe and Kayak Fishing Tournament
CKA – Chattahoochee Kayak Anglers – SE AL/SW GA
CRKA – Coosa River Kayak Anglers – Gadsden area
CKAT – Cullman Kayak Anglers
HBO – Hobie Bass Open
HOW SA – Heroes on the Water South Alabama Chapter
HOW NA – Heroes on the Water North Alabama Chapter
ICKA – Iron City Kayak Anglers – Birmingham
KBF – Kayak Bass Fishing Trail
MBKFA – Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association
PSKA – Peach State Kayak Anglers – Georgia
RRKT – Reel Krazy Kayak Tournament Trail – West Georgia
RRKA – River Region Kayak Anglers – Montgomery area
NAKA – North Alabama Kayak Anglers – Huntsville/Decatur
TVKA – Tennessee Valley Kayak Anglers – Chattanooga area
WAKA – West Alabama Kayak Anglers – Florence area

“Pretty awesome to look at one page an see all tournaments in one spot!” – Adam Overton

2018 Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic Registration Underway

It’s back. Let’s have another fun time hanging out and fishing along the banks of the Coosa River in Wetumpka, Alabama including camping and socializing at the Coosa Outdoor Center on the weekend of October 27th, 2018.

Please register here:

This year, you could win a brand new NuCanoe Flint!  Thanks NuCanoe!

This event is a year-end grand finale co-hosted by the kayak fishing clubs of Alabama: Coosa River Kayak AnglersIron City Kayak AnglersNorth Alabama Kayak Anglers, and the Coosa Riverkeeper.

Camp out on the Coosa River with us prior to and after the event.  You will be treated to some of the most scenic water in Alabama and if that’s not enough, you have a shot to win a NuCanoe Flint fishing kayak as well as great gear from Bending Branches paddles, YakAttackAnchor Wizard, PFDs from NRS Fishing, a Pro Power kit from Nocqua Adventure Gear, swag from Big Wills Outfitters and more.

Here’s a look at how it went down last year:


New Montgomery Club Announced Trail

A new Montgomery-based kayak fishing club has announced a 2018 kayak fishing trail. The River Region Kayak Anglers will host six events in the bottom half of the state.

This club fills a void that has been around one of Alabama’s most populated metropolitan area.  There is also plenty of great and diverse kayak waters in this region.

River Region Kayak Anglers 2018 Schedule

Thursday – March 15 – Jackson Lake – 5 PM start
Saturday – April 14 – Coosa River
Thursday – May 10 – Cooter’s Pond – 5 PM start
Thursday –  June 15 – Swift Creek – 5 PM start
Thursday – August 23 – Gunter Hill – 5 PM start
Saturday – September 15 – Lake Jordan


River Region Kayak Anglers 2018 schedule

New Podcast: Shoals Kayak Fishing Podcast

The Shoals Kayak Fishing Podcast has launched and host Silas McGee has already published five episodes.  Each episode is about 20 to 25 minutes long.  So far each episode covers general kayak fishing topics.

Episode 5 was published this morning and features an interview with Greg Massa, a prolific kayak angler in North Alabama and board member of the North Alabama Kayak Anglers.

This week’s episode also covers the Hooper Rule – the name for a rule that bans the mentioning of delicate waters in an attempt to prevent people from harvesting fish from sensitive fishing spots.  To learn more about this legendary and arguably controversial rule, give Episode 5 a listen.

3rd Annual Quad A Kayak Fishing Tournament

The Tennessee Valley Chapter of the Army Aviation Association of America is hosting their third annual kayak fishing tournament on 7 April 2018.  This year’s event will be held on Lake Guntersville at the Honeycomb Creek back ramp.

Registration is due by 21 March 2018.  Bream, crappie, and bass will be scored.

Flyer for the TVA AAAA event

More details about this event can be found on the TVA AAAA website here:

Gadsden area club (CRKA) releases 2018 schedule

The Coosa River Kayak Anglers have released their 2018 schedule of kayak fishing events.  Like last year, most events are weekday evening events offering a great change up to folks that want something to do during the week.  Anglers will be targeting black bass in these events.

We are now tracking over 20 kayak fishing events in Alabama in 2018:

CRKA is also going to have three Open tournaments.  The Opens are day-long weekend fishing events more closely resembling your typical one-day kayak fishing tournament.   All anglers are free to fish each event.

CRKA is expected to hold an Angler of the Year race and to send their Top 10 anglers to the end of the Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic.


CRKA Schedule

Be sure to follow the CRKA Facebook group for the latest information and any program changes.

Track all the kayak fishing events in Alabama on this page:

2018 Alabama Kayak Fishing Tournament and Events

 2018 Kayak Fishing Events in Alabama

Welcome to our tracker for 2018 kayak fishing events in Alabama.

Check each club’s Facebook pages and websites for rules, event updates, and results.  Here we try to offer a comprehensive look at kayak fishing events in Alabama during 2018.  Note that some events may be hosted by clubs from outside our state.

Feel free to contact us to add your events and details.

Small and new clubs are welcome to submit events.

If you are interested in participating in the 2018 Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic as a sponsor, host club, or other, please contact us.

Always check the host organization’s websites for last minute event details and weather updates!

2018 Alabama Kayak Fishing Events

  1. February 10, NAKA Tackle Swap, noon in Decatur, AL
  2. February 17, TVKA, Lake Guntersville | results
  3. February 24, CKAT, Lake Catoma
  4. March – NAKABIGBASS March month long online event
  5. March 3, CKAT, Lake Guntersville
  6. March 3, WAKA, Pickwick Lake
  7. March 15, RRKA, Jackson Lake – 5 PM
  8. March 17, NAKA, The Open, Lake Guntersville
  9. March 17, MBKFA, Kayak Fishing Seminar and Casting Contest, Five Rivers Delta Center
  10. March 17, CKAT, Smith Lake
  11. March 24, Lake Wedowee Kayak Fishing Open, Lake Wedowee
  12. March 31, CKAT, Forrest Ingram’s Lake
  13. April 7, Tennessee Valley Chapter – Army Aviation Association of America, Lake Guntersville, details w 21 March deadline
  14. April 7, NAKA, NAKA Youth Open, Forrest Ingram Lake
  15. April 12, CRKA, Gadsden Mall, 5PM
  16. April 14, TVKA, Lake Guntersville
  17. April 14, ICKA, Warrior River
  18. April 14, KBF, Lake Guntersville
  19. April 14, CKAT, Lake Wheeler
  20. April 14, WAKA, Wilson Lake
  21. April 21, RRKA, Coosa River
  22. April 21, CRKA, Weiss Open, Weiss Lake
  23. April 28, NAKA, Weiss Lake
  24. April 28, HOW NA, Smith Lake
  25. April 28, CKAT, Lay Lake
  26. May 3, CRKA, Godfrey’s Marina, 5 PM
  27. May 10, RRKA, Cooter’s Pond, 5 PM
  28. May 12, CKAT, Pickwick Lake
  29. May 12, WAKA, Cedar Lake
  30. May 19, MBKFA, 12th Annual Bagwell Kayak Tournament, Delta Port Marina on West Fowl River
  31. May 19, ICKA, Neely Henry
  32. May 19, KBF, Wheeler Lake
  33. May 24, CRKA, Big Head Bait Shop, 5 PM
  34. May 26, HOW NA, TBD
  35. May 26, CKAT, Smith Lake
  36. May 26, NAKA Demo Day, TBD
  37. June 2, Fraternal Order of Police, Coosa Landing, Gadsden, AL
  38. June 9, KBF, Lake Guntersville
  39. June 9, CKAT, Lake Guntersville
  40. June 9, WAKA, Pickwick Lake
  41. June 14, CRKA, Rainbow Landing, 5 PM
  42. June 15, RRKA, Swift Creek, 5 PM
  43. June 16, CRKA/ICKA, Logan Open
  44. June 16, ICKA, Logan Martin
  45. June 23, NAKA, Wilson Lake
  46. June 23, KBF, Coosa River
  47. June 23, CKAT, Lake Catoma
  48. June 30, HOW NA, TBD
  49. July 5, CRKA, Tillison Bend, 5:30PM
  50. July 7, CKAT, Forest Ingram’s Lake
  51. July 7, WAKA, Wilson Lake
  52. July 14, ICKA, Lay Lake
  53. July 14, NAKA, NAKA Youth, Cypress Creek
  54. July 21, CKAT, Pickwick Lake
  55. July 26, CRKA, I-759, 5:30PM
  56. July 28, HOW NA, TBD
  57. August TBD, ICKA, Demo Day and Campout
  58. August 4, WAKA, Wheeler Lake
  59. August 16, CRKA, Canoe Creek, 5:30PM
  60. August 18, NAKA, North Alabama Rivers
  61. August 23, RRKA, Gunter Hill, 5 PM
  62. August 25, HOW NA, TBD
  63. Sept 6, CRKA, Rainbow Landing, 5PM
  64. Sept 8, NAKA, NAKA Youth, Flint River
  65. Sept 15, ICKA, 8 County Scramble
  66. Sept 15, WAKA, WAKA Classic TBD
  67. Sept 15, RRKA, Lake Jordan, 5 PM
  68. Sept 22, NAKA Classic, Random Draw Location
  69. Sept 27, CRKA, I-759, 5PM
  70. Sept 29, CRKA, Neely Open, Lake Neely Henry
  71. Sept 29, HOW NA, TBD
  72. October 27, MBKFA 12th Annual 5 Rivers
    27 October 2018
    at the Coosa Outdoor Center in Wetumpka, AL
    with support from NuCanoe, NRS, Anchor Wizard, Noqua, Bending Branches, YakAttack, Big Will’s Outfitters, Orion Coolers

MORE DATES WILL BE ADDED AS WE LEARN THEM.  Contract us on Facebook to submit more dates:


Archive 2017 events.


CBY – Chattanooga Bass Yakkers
CCKFT – Coosa Canoe and Kayak Fishing Tournament
CKA – Chattahoochee Kayak Anglers
CRKA – Coosa River Kayak Anglers
CKAT – Cullman Kayak Anglers
HOW SA – Heroes on the Water South Alabama Chapter
HOW NA – Heroes on the Water North Alabama Chapter
ICKA – Iron City Kayak Anglers
KBF – Kayak Bass Fishing Trail
KBS – Kayak Bass Series
MBKFA – Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association
PSKA – Peach State Kayak Anglers
RRKT – Reel Krazy Kayak Tournament Trail
RRKA – River Region Kayak Anglers – Montgomery area
SKA –  Shoals Kayak Anglers
NAKA – North Alabama Kayak Anglers
TVKA – Tennessee Valley Kayak Anglers
WAKA – West Alabama Kayak Anglers

“Pretty awesome to look at one page an see all tournaments in one spot!” – Adam Overton

Recap: 2017 Alabama Classic on the Coosa River

What a weekend at the first Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic held on the Coosa River in Wetumpka, Alabama this past weekend!  48 anglers from Alabama and surrounding states came to this beautiful river to fish against some of the best anglers in the region.

The beautiful Coosa River in Wetumpka, Alabama

Jared Atwell, with his 56-inch three-fish stringer, took home the trophy and title of “Alabama State Champion” while Michael Cooper, a just 40.74 inches, took home the title of “Open Division Winner”.  Lance Coley, an angler known for many podium finishes on this and many other rivers in the southeast, finished just a half inch behind Atwell to take second place.

Jared Atwell, the 2017 Alabama State Champion

The Classic represented a year-end grand finale for all the major kayak fishing clubs in Alabama.  The event was co-hosted by the North Alabama Kayak Anglers, Coosa River Kayak Anglers, Iron City Kayak Anglers, Coosa Riverkeeper’s Coosa Canoe and Kayak Fishing Tournament, and the Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association.  Each club was able to send the 10 top anglers from their 2017 kayak fishing trails to the Championship Division ensuring the top anglers in the state were battling it out on the same body of water.  Note, due to a leadership change, the now defunct Shoals Kayak Anglers were not able to participate in the event meaning 10 fewer anglers than anticipated were in the field.

Results: Championship Division
Results: Open Division

Atwell, who gained entry into the Classic’s Championship Division by way of the Iron City Kayak Anglers, also claimed the “Best Bass”.  His 21.25 inch Alabama spotted bass was the longest bass caught on tournament day.  That fish would go on to anchor his stringer along with two other Alabama spotted bass of lengths 18.75 and 16 inches.  Coley’s stringer consisted of 20.5, 17.75, and 17.25 inch bass.

Atwell’s winning stringer
Biggest bass of the Alabama Classic

Atwell ended up taking home over $600 for his first place finish and $100 for the biggest bass.  Of note, Atwell likely caught the largest fish of the weekend as he netted a 25-pound catfish on Friday while prefishing.

Jared Atwell with a Coosa River catfish during prefishing

The Classic brought out several anglers who had never fished the Coosa River as well as an angler who had never fished in a kayak fishing tournament.  In attendance were also anglers from the Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association and their large 14-foot-long kayaks, some of which actually made the pass through the rapids on the Coosa River.  On Friday, the river saw packs of anglers who had never met each other guiding one another through the rapids and sharing fishing tips.

Chris Gravely in his NuCanoe Pursuit on the Coosa River

While large stringers were reported by those at the top of the scoring board, many anglers struggled to find large fish through the day.  Strong headwinds as the sun got higher in the sky was just another element anglers had to deal with on the day of tough fishing.  On tournament day, it seemed like the bigger fish were in the deeper pockets of the slow moving water.  Many small fish were caught on soft plastics, fish that normally would not have been worth pursuing expect on a tough fishing day like this.  Grinding out small plastics to catch three 14-inch fish would have paid off as it would have taken just 41-inches of fish to take home the Open Division title and trophy.  The topwater bite was near dead and we are close to declaring the death to the Whopper Plopper.  Had Lake Jordan been open to competitors it is quite likely that there would have been different winners in each division.

Coley’s stringer just 0.75 inch shy of 1st place
Dylan Mason’s 3rd place Championship stringer
Michael Cooper’s winner Open Division stringer

The Classic event brought out some anglers from as far away as South Carolina.  Stewart Venerable (we heard he rented a house on Lake Jordan for the weekend) is a member of the NuCanoe fishing team and it was a pleasure to see such a talented angler with Coosa River experience in the field.  With Venerable unable to boat multiple large spotted bass, it should have signaled to the field it was going to be tough day of fishing.

It was a pleasure to have Brian Carson, the leader of the Heroes on the Water South Alabama Chapter, participate in the event.  Carson made the trip up from lower Alabama with Kayak Bass Series angler and noted lake fisherman Stacey Martin.  Carson was able to quickly share details about upcoming Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association events and a bit about what Heroes on the Water does.

Phil Thompson running a rapid on the Coosa

Plans for the 2018 are still in the works but for the most part the Classic Board has agreed that the format for entry into the Championship Bracket will remain the same.  Goals include getting more dealers, clubs, and organizations involved in 2018 as well as standardizing the requirements to be co-hosts in 2018.

Club leaders from each of the Classic co-hosts gave quick talks about what to expect in 2018.  For the most part, 2018 will look a lot like what 2017 did for each club.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, every angler walked away with something.

Josh Tidwell scoring a large Alabama spotted bass on tournament day

Big Will’s Outfitters stepped up in a big way at the event giving away $500 worth of products included 10 Hawg Troughs to anglers in need of a measuring board.  BWO also donated a pair of polarized Costa Del Mar sunglasses, 100 koozies, a Gillz fishing shirt, an Orion Coolers tumbler, a Gerber River Shorty knife, and a VIBE Kayaks 20-quart cooler.

YakAttack, the leading kayak fishing accessory maker, provided various items including Anchor Trolleys, Rotogrip Paddle Holders, Vertical Tie Downs, YakAttack buffs, and Multimount Cup Holders.

Eric Atkins won the VIBE Kayak giveaway

VIBE Kayaks provided a SeaGhost 110 kayak to one lucky Open Division angler.

Bending Branches, a premiere builder of paddles, provided nine hats, six shirts, and two buffs among other items.

Red Fox Wireless provided a Rover which is a battleproof, weatherproof, drop-in-the-bottom-of-a-lake-proof waterproof speaker with YakAttack mount.

They stayed happily married!

The Coosa Outdoor Center provided outstanding hospitality as usual.  They allowed us to camp on several acres of land along the river and provided 100 hotdogs and fixings to the field during the weigh-in as well as multiple shuttles to Jordan Dam to retrieve our vehicles.

Robby Cook with a nice Alabama bass

Robby Cook provided several dozen of his custom shaky head jig which would have come in handy to the pesky spotted bass on the Coosa River that day.

The North Alabama Kayak Anglers graciously donated a $100 gift card to Academy Sports and Outdoors.

The weigh-in and awards ceremony at the Coosa Outdoor Center

Frank Chitwood, of the Coosa Riverkeepers, did another great job hosting the Captain’s Meeting, weigh-in and awards ceremony as well as manning a jet boat during the tournament.  His professionalism and river-conscious attitude helped make this event the success it was.

Frank Chitwood handing the winning check and trophy to Atwell

We look forward to the 2018 club trails and 2018 Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic.  No doubt this website and Facebook page will provide coverage of kayak fishing news and events happen in 2018.

Pat Hoffman of Mobile paddling a Moken 14 through the rapids

Of note, this event on the Coosa River ended up being the largest kayak fishing event held on that body of water this year.  To boot, so far in 2017 Alabama club event attendance has always topped attendance by national and regional trails hosted on the same body of water and that has been the case for at least the past two years.

NAKA season finale. Watson wins national trails on Guntersville.

Several major kayak fishing tournaments took place over the weekend and a familiar name walked away with a nice payday.

North Alabama Kayak Anglers Classic and Anglers of the  Year

Nate Mayfield with his NAKA Classic check

Alabama’s largest club, the North Alabama Kayak Anglers, held their season finale NAKA Classic on Pickwick and Wilson lakes in the Shoals area of North Alabama.  Near 100 anglers competed on the NAKA Trail all season long for a chance to earn entry into this 5-fish black bass event.  23 anglers ended up qualifying for this event.

NAKA Angler of the Year, Jason Lack

Nate Mayfield walked away as the Classic champion while Jason Lack was crowned NAKA Angler of the Year (AOTY details).   Mayfield scored a 86.25″ inch 5-fish stringer edging out John Tayler by three inches.  Mayfield also had the biggest fish of the event, a 19″ largemouth bass.  Over $1100 in cash was handed out to the field along with over $1000 in prizes.  A recap of the event and details about sponsors of the NAKA Trail can be found here.

NAKA Youth Angler of the Year Riley Johnston with NAKA HKAIC Nate Mayfield

The NAKA Youth Angler of the Year was Riley Johnston.  His consistent top youth performances earned him the Youth AOTY prize, a 2017 Skipper fishing kayak from Jackson Kayak.  Details.

Watson wins two national trail stops

Randy Howell, pro B.A.S.S. angler, handing the check to Watson

The story of the weekend was how Brandon Watson won both the Kayak Bass Series and Kayak Bass Fishing events held on Lake Guntersville.  Since both events were hosted on the same eligible bodies of water, Watson was able to fish both events and coordinate weigh-in times for both.

Watson with his Kayak Bass Series check

Watson caught large stringers on fish on both days.  With a 97-inch 5-fish stringer he won the KBF Trail event by over 10″ and earned a $2,250 check.  His 81-inch Day 1 and 98.75-inch Day 2 during the KBS Classic gave him a 29″ win over the second place angler.  Incredible fishing against the sport’s top kayak anglers.

There are only a few fishing events on the calendar for the rest of the year.  Click here to get a look at what is to come.  And everyone is invited to come get introduced to kayak fishing at the first annual Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic in late October.  That event is hosted by the major kayak fishing clubs of Alabama and is billed to be a fun time for kayak anglers of all skill levels.