This website aims to shed some light on kayak fishing scene in Alabama.  In general, we’ll try to be a resource for kayak anglers and paddlers in Alabama giving you insight about Alabama clubs, tournaments, discounts, and more throughout the year.

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Please browse our resources page and get to know all the clubs around the state.  Go learn what the clubs are doing and maybe introduce kayak fishing to someone new to the sport.  Club events are a great way to demo kayaks and find new places to fish.

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Who are we?  Maybe we are a conglomerate of fine deep fried southern anglers known to paddle canoes, kayaks, surfboards, tubes and oversized coolers into some sketchy places:

Shark-infested salt flats in the Gulf of Mexico.  Hydrilla backwaters of the TVA Reservoirs.  Untamed rivers.  Trickling creeks.  Spring-fed, alligator-filled swamps from the foothills of the Appalachians and Cumberland Plateau through the Heart of Dixie and down to the sugary shorelines of the Gulf of Mexico.

Alabama is

America’s Amazon.

Run and tell that.

Really.  What we have in Alabama is like no other state in the U.S. We’ve got more biodiversity and water that just about anywhere on planet Earth!

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A hub of resources for kayak anglers in Alabama.