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Matt Ball wins “The Best of the Best” on Lake Jordan

Jackson Kayak’s Matt Ball won the Best of the Best one-versus-one kayak fishing tournament against Hobie Fishing’s Jay Wallen this past weekend in Wetumpka, AL.  The event pitted the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) National Championship winner, Ball, against the KBF Angler of the Year, Wallen on Lake Jordan and the Coosa River below the Lake Jordan Dam from February 24-26.

The three-day event had the anglers fishing below the Jordan Dam on Day 1 and Lake Jordan on Day 2 while the anglers could pick either body of water on Day 3.  Both anglers chose to fish on the lake on Day 3.  The anglers were allowed to score their five longest fish each day for a 15 fish aggregate.

Ball scored 181.25 inches in 13 fish over the three days while Wallen was only able to catch seven fish for 100.75 inches.  Wallen caught the largest fish of the event at 18.25 inches but was unable to max out his stringers on each day costing him the win.

Results from the event can be found here: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/kbf-bonus-bucks-best-of-the-best

KBF Trail to hold event on Coosa River

The Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) Trail will host an event on the Coosa River below the Jordan Dam on May 5th and 6th.  That particular site has hosted kayak fishing events in years past.  It hosted the River Bassin’ National Championship in 2014 that drew dozens of top kayak river anglers from all over the country.  In addition to several other club-level events with the Coosa Canoe and Kayak Fishing Tournament and North Alabama Kayak Anglers throughout the years.  Of course, kayak bass fishing clubs in the Alabama will be hosting our end-of-the-year gathering and state championship at the Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic at this same location.

Corey Galloway sticking a 5-pound largemouth
Corey Galloway sticking a 5-pound largemouth on the Coosa River

KBF Trail events often draw dozens of competitive anglers due to the prizes and cash awards for the top winners.  KBF is the same organization that gave away $30,000 to the winner of their “National Championship” in 2016 and they are lined up to do it again in March of 2017 this year.  Winners of KBF Trail events in 2016 often walked away with a new kayak and about $1,000 in cash along with a ticket to the KBF National Championship.

Bringing the KBF Trail to the Coosa River is a change up for KBF.  KBF events have almost always been held on public or private flat water lakes.  This year, KBF is venturing off into riverine environments.  They have announced river stops in Georgia and West Virginia this season.

The Coosa River is one of the most scenic rivers in the south.  It is also one of the most punishing.  Anglers will need to use caution throughout the float below Jordan Dam.  It is almost inevitable that given a few dozen anglers, someone is going to loose some gear on the water and perhaps go for a swim.

Josh Tidwell with a near 22" Spotted Bass
Josh Tidwell with a near 22″ Spotted Bass

But the risks can be worth the reward.  Magnum spotted bass lurk in those waters.  There will be several legit trophy bass caught during this tournament.   While not common, trophy largemouth bass are also found in those water.  And while trophy fish may or may not be caught, the experience of running through difficult rapids with friends could be just enough to bring you back.

Unfortunately for Alabama anglers, this event is scheduled on the same day as the Coosa Riverkeeper’s event on Neely Henry.  Anglers vying to win the CRK’s Angler of the Year or qualify for the Champion Division of the Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic will have a choice to make.

2017 Kayak Fishing Events in Alabama

2018 Alabama Kayak Fishing Events are here.



Check each club’s Facebook pages and websites for rules, event updates, and results.  Here we try to offer a comprehensive look at kayak fishing events in Alabama during 2017.  Note that some events may be hosted by clubs from outside our state.

Feel free to contact us to add your events and details.

Always check the host organization’s websites for last minute event details and weather updates.

2017 Alabama Kayak Fishing Events

  1. January 20 – HOW NA First Meeting

  2. February 4 – YakTribe Alabama Beach Cleanup, Dauphin Island
  3. February 24-26 – KBF Best of the Best (Wetumpka/Invite Only)
  4. February 25 – NAKA Tackle Swap, Decatur, AL

  5. March 4 – MBKFA Mayday Park
  6. March 11 – CCKFT Lay Lake
  7. March 11 – SKA Pickwick Lake
  8. March 18 – HOW SA First Event, Mayfair Park, Daphne, AL
  9. March 25 – The NAKA Open – Lake Guntersville
  10. March 30 – April 2 – HOW SA Mobile Boat Show

  11. April 1 – NAKA Demo Day
  12. April 1 – ICKA Warrior River
  13. April 8 – CCKFT Lake Logan Martin
  14. April 8 – SKA Wilson Lake
  15. April 8 – MBKFA Heron Bay
  16. April 8 – Kayak Bass Series Lake Eufaula
  17. April 13 – CRKA Gadsden Mall (5pm)
  18. April 22 – CRKA Gadsden Mall
  19. April 28 – Heroes on the Water NA mtg – Guntersville State Park
  20. April 29 – RKKT Weiss Lake
  21. April 29 – MBKFA Woods n Water, Mobile, AL

  22. May 4 – CRKA Tommy’s Marina (5pm)
  23. May 5, 6 – KBF Trail Coosa River, Wetumpka, AL
  24. May 6 – CCKFT/ICKA Neely Henry Lake
  25. May 6 – CKA Chattahoochee River, Valley, AL
  26. May 6 – TVKA Guntersville (BB Comer Bridge – US 117 Bridge)
  27. May 6 – YakTribe Meetup, Jeff Friend Trail Kayak Launch, Orange Beach, AL 9AM
  28. May 13 – SKA Pickwick Lake
  29. May 13 – RKKT Coosa River Gadsden
  30. May 20 – NAKA Smith Lake
  31. May 20 – MBKFA 11th Annual Bagwell Tournament, Delta Port Marina on West Fowl River.  Add’l info.
  32. May 25 – CRKA Big Head Bait Shop (5pm)

  34. June 3 – MBKFA Fish River
  35. June 4 – Heroes on the Water North Alabama – Lake Guntersville
  36. June 10 – SKA Wheeler Lake
  37. June 10 – CBY Lake Guntersville Stevenson, AL
  38. June 15 – CRKA Rainbow Landing (5pm)
  39. June 17 – TVKA Lake Guntersville (night)
  40. June 24 – ICKA Lay Lake
  41. June 30, July 1 – KBF Lake Wheeler

  42. July 1, 2 – MBKFA Slammageddon
  43. July 6 – CRKA Tillison Bend (5pm)
  44. July 8 – SKA Wilson Lake
  45. July 8 – CKA PSKA Chattahoochee River, Valley, AL
  46. July 22 – NAKA River Stop
  47. July 27 – CRKA I-759 (5pm)

  48. August – NAKABIGBASS, Demo Day, and NAKAFUNFISH
  49. August 5 – MBKFA Black Ops
  50. August 5 – Bayou La Batre Kayak Classic Fishing Tournament
  51. August 5 – Heroes on the Water North Alabama, Town Creek, Guntersville, AL
  52. August 12 – SKA Wheeler Lake
  53. August 12 – CKA Tallapoosa River, Wadley, AL
  54. August 17 – CRKA Canoe Creek County Ramp (5pm)

  55. September 2 – TVKA & RKKT Lake Guntersville TBD
  56. September 2 – MBKFA Weeks Bay
  57. September 7 – CRKA Rainbow Landing (5pm)
  58. September 9 – SKA Classic TBA
  59. September 9 – ICKA Logan Martin
  60. September 9 – CKA Chattahoochee River, Valley, AL
  61. September 21-24 – KBS Elite Championships
  62. September 22, 23 – KBF Trail Guntersville
  63. September 23 – NAKA Classic and AOTY TBD
  64. September 28 – CRKA I-759 (5pm)
  65. September 30 – CRKA Open TBD

  66. October 7 – ICKA Jefferson County Radius and AOTY
  67. October 20 – Prefishing and camping @ the Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic, Coosa Outdoor Center
  68. October 21 – The Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic on the Coosa River at Wetumpka by The Kayak Bass Fishing Clubs of Alabama .  Register here:

  69. November 10, 11 – KBF Trail Lakes Pickwick and Wilson

CBY – Chattanooga Bass Yakkers
CCKFT – Coosa Canoe and Kayak Fishing Tournament
CKA – Chattahoochee Kayak Anglers
CRKA – Coosa River Kayak Anglers
HOW SA – Heroes on the Water South Alabama Chapter
HOW NA – Heroes on the Water North Alabama Chapter
ICKA – Iron City Kayak Anglers
KBF – Kayak Bass Fishing Trail
KBS – Kayak Bass Series
MBKFA – Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association
PSKA – Peach State Kayak Anglers
RRKT – Reel Krazy Kayak Tournament Trail
SKA –  Shoals Kayak Anglers
NAKA – North Alabama Kayak Anglers
TVKA – Tennessee Valley Kayak Anglers

“Pretty awesome to look at one page an see all tournaments in one spot!” – Adam Overton